A Primer for Adopted Children

HSS MobileHow do you begin to tell your child he/she was adopted? Hasn't every parent who has adopted a child asked themselves this question?

The author, a new adoptive parent herself, takes it down to the basics. Finding out that he didn't come from his Mommy's belly, the story follows the boy on a wonderous journey around his imaginary world to let him know that he is "loved as much" no matter where he came from.

A second book for school age children is in the works and will address the point of view for a more mature, but still age appropriate, point of view.

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Beautiful Illustrations

HelpUsAdoptThe imaginary world is lovingly and colorfully brought to life by Cortlee Gerhart in beautiful water color.

Many of us own a cherished book or books from our childhood that we have saved through the years so that one day we could hopefully share it with our children.

With it's beautiful illustrations and fun and sweet message, "Would You Love Me As Much" is the book that you will want to save for future generations.

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