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"As a mother of an adopted daughter, who is now 24 year-old years old, I absolutely loved this book. It brought back all those wonderful memories of bringing my baby girl home. I will be giving my daughter a copy for Christmas and hope that she will treasure it as much as I have treasured having her as my daughter." - Andrea Mann, mom of a daughter that did not grow in my belly and of a son who did.


"I like how story begins and ends with the conversation between mother & son but the middle is fun and a little silly! The repetition of the message throughout is great. I really love the illustrations - they are light and fun and there is so much to look at on each page. And I think kids can put themselves in the story easily with all of the different scenes. It gives a perfect jumping off point for discussion with a preschooler. When the story was over, I asked my son if he liked it and he said , 'Yes! I ‘m going to put it with all of my favorite books over here,. So, Luke also gave it a rave review! " - Julie Tremblay, Adoptive Mom of 2


Would You Love Me As Much” has instantly become a Fawcett Family Favorite! What an important adoption book with an even more important message! Family is family and love is love! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Bravo! - Becky Fawcett, Jake and Brooke’s Mom and founder of Helpusadopt.org.


"A fabulous way to open up a first time conversation with your precious little one and how immensely they are loved regardless. The colorful illustrations are like captivating eye candy.. especially to a little ones imaginary mind. I will definitely recommend this book to all my friends with adopted children." - Yvette M.


"A heartfelt children’s book , easily comprehended by children of all ages. Adorable!" - Millie Enriquez, Director/Owner Mommy and Me Childcare


"As a grandmother of an adopted child, "Would You Love Me As Much" is a beautifully written and illustrated book. One of the most important issues in bringing an adopted child into your family is learning how to help that child, and those around you, understand that adoption is an act of love. I love my grandson "just as much" as all my other grandchildren and this book is a wonderful book to share with all my grandchildren" - Angela Martinelli


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